06. Homepage Setting

Make Homepage look like our demo

After importing the demo content, you need to set up your Homepage to make it look like our demo at https://nigerialearn.org/ecom/

Follow the guide below for how to do this:

Step 1 – Got to Settings > Reading (on the left side menu).

Step 2 – Select A Static Page

Step 3 – Got to Homepagebox and click the drop down and select HomePage 

Step 4 – Click SAVE CHANGES


Step 5 – Go to the top left, where you have the name of your site, point to it and select Visit Site.


Step 6 – This should take you straight to the frontend of your website and display the professionally looking site we have just built. 


Step 7 – Visit your website URL on different browsers and devices to see how it looks.


We can continue in the next tutorials to customize this site with our own content.

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