03. Upload and Install Theme

Theme Name

Our Theme for this set up is called Martfury, so lets proceed to install our theme files.

Look in the Folder that you downloaded to your PC and install all of the files in the Themes Folder – start by installing the one called Martfury, followed by Martfury-child.

Follow the video below to understand how to download Theme Files to your PC

See Video Guide below

Install Martfury via WordPress

Step 1 – Log into your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New.



Step 2 – Click  Upload Theme.



Step 3 – Locate the folder where you downloaded the theme files to, then select Martfury.zip and click Install Now





Step 4 – After installation you will receive a success message confirming that your theme installed successfully, with 3 options – Live Preview | Activate | Return to Themes Page. Click the message that says Return to Theme Page.

Step 5 – Repeat steps 1 – 2 above, then select the Martfury-child.zip and install

Step 6 – After the installation of the child theme, click the link Activate. 

After installing the Martfury theme, you’ll see a notification on the top of the page that says the theme needs some plugins to function properly.


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