02. Upload and Install Plugins

Install Files from the Plugins Folder.

Proceed by installing the recommended Plugin files. Look in the Theme Folder that you downloaded to your PC and install all of the files in the Plugins Folder, one by one.

Follow the video guide below

  • Step 1 – In the zipped file you downloaded from Google Drive, there is a folder called Plugins. It is very important to start by installing all of the files in the Plugins folder first.
  • Step 2 – Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  • Step 3 – Click Upload Plugins button on the top of your page
  • Step 4 – Browse to find the Martfury-Package folder on your computer (depending on where you downloaded it to) and go to the Plugins Folder to upload the files one-by-one, then click Install Now
  • Step 5 – Complete this for each of the files in the Plugin folder before moving on to install Martfury themes.

See Video Guide below

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