01. Download Setup Files

Download Files from Google Drive

We have compressed and uploaded to Google Drives, all of the files required to make this setup seamlessly.

STEP 1 – Go to the link below to download and save these files to your computer, ready for the steps below.


STEP 2 – Take note of where downloaded files are stored on your PC. After the download, go to your PC’s Downloads folder to find a compressed folder named Martfury-Package.zip.

STEP 3 – Use WinZip or 7-Zip or any Zip programme on your PC to extract folder. IN windows 8 0r 10, simply right click on the downloaded file and select Extract All. (See pix below)


This will extract the files to a folder with the following subfolders:  Plugins, Themes, Demo Data, Featured Images. (See pix below)

Each of these folders contain files that are very important to the setup process, please take time to browse each folder to view the files.

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